Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Find Fun Websites for Kids

How to Find Fun Websites for Kids

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Is your kid bored? Are you a kid who is bored? Here are some suggestions for safe and fun websites suitable for kids to play on. These sites are specifically tailored for kids and so do not contain anything that kids shouldn't be seeing. However, you should still monitor the amount of time spent online and you should also discuss the impact of the level of advertising provided on kid's websites, which is considered to be more frequent and intense than even TV advertising.
  • Note that this article does not endorse any of these websites, nor does it assure you of any of the suitability of the content. This article is provided as a shared internet community resource that is merely a guide to assist your own responsible choices as a parent or guardian.


  1. Choose a site with your child. If you both have a say in it, chances are that it will be a more successful choice that your child will enjoy and return to willingly.
  2. Choose from one of the following sites on this list. These are just a few of the sites available for children. Feel free to update this list over time to add new choices and to remove any that become defunct:
  3. Monitor usage and interest. No child should be left alone on a computer for hours on end. Always set suitable time amounts for using the computer and be sure to keep to agreements set between you and your child as to time limits and site limits.
  4. Teach your child the importance of not giving away personal information on websites, including names, name of school, home address, parental/guardian details, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, city of residence etc.
  5. Do a search. With your child, do a search in one of the popular search engines. Thoroughly check out the site to make sure that it is safe for your child.


  • Always follow the rules of the sites. It is important that the parent or guardian reads the rules and fully understands the terms of usage. Explain these clearly to your child.


  • If your child is 13 or under, read the age requirements for the sites before you go on. They are there for a good reason, so do not take them lightly.
  • If you're a kid, always ask an adult before going on a site!
  • Never give out any personal info on the sites.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties

How to Entertain Kids at Birthday Parties

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Suppose your daughter’s fifth birthday is soon, she wants a birthday party and you have no idea what to do. How are you going to keep 20 kids busy and safe at her birthday party? Here is a list of suggestions from experts.


  1. Hire an entertainer, if possible. A professional entertainer will have liability insurance that’s protects you, your home and other assets. If you think you can’t afford one, find one who brings prizes so you will not have to spend $150 on party bags. Go to the wikiHow article "How to Hire an Entertainer for a Child's Birthday Party" for help hiring an entertainer.
  2. If you are still not able to hire an entertainer, get someone to help you with the children. This leaves you free to be the hostess to the party.
  3. Decide a theme for your party. Use the Internet to find all of the things that pertain to your theme. You will be able to find ideas for birthday cakes, games, logos, decorating ideas, etc.
  4. If you want to keep the kids attention with games at your party you should give out prizes. Kids love to get prizes when they play games. Do not give out candy or any prize that is a high choke item. Candy can make the kids hyper and the prizes are a safety and liability issue.
  5. Arrange games. Balloon games are easy to do and fun for the children. You can have balloon sword fights, balloon popping games and other fun and easy games for 2 children to play at a time. The video gives some ideas for balloon games. Have the other children cheer them on as the two play. Plan on spending 30 to 40 minutes on games.
  6. Paint faces. Many children like to have their faces painted. Check out the wikiHow article, “How to Face Paint Your Kids at a Birthday Party for $15 or Less” for details. This article covers how to do it as well as how to do it safely.
  7. Teach yourself how to do some basic balloons for the children. There are a number of articles on wikiHow on balloon twisting. One of them is “How to Make Balloon Heart Fairy Wings”. Girls especially like fairy wings. Another is “How to Make a Balloon Jester Hat, Sword and Belt”. Boys especially like balloon swords and belts. Watch the children to be sure that no one puts a balloon in their mouth.
  8. Try some arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are always a big hit. Search on the Internet for arts and crafts related to the theme you have chosen.
  9. Again, it is best to hire an entertainer with liability insurance. Most Homeowners insurance does not cover face painting and balloons but if this is not possible, these tips will help keep the children safe.
  10. The most important thing is that you, your child and your guests enjoy the day. The main reason you are having a party is to celebrate your child’s life.


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