Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School, YAY

Boy were we all ready for those kids to go back to school, including the kids, mine anyway. the snow is sloppy so no snow play for quite a while, too slick to ride the horse, too cold for the trampoline. Pretty much all the outdoor activities were shot for several days so we were all looking forward to some school.

The fun things that we did for our Winter Break were... Bake cookies, sugar cookies and silly me thought "we will make a double batch so there will be plenty", silly me. We put the second batch in the freezer and baked them for New Years Eve instead. the cookies were fun, especially the cookie cutter and decorating, sorry forgot pictures :o(.

We also did alot of running around the house being crazy banchies due to the fact that we had to stay in alot!

The kids played with their new stuff alot, painted, colored, helped me cook. We stayed busy.

I hope you all had a great winter break and kept those kids busy.

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