Friday, December 5, 2008

Making Holiday Cards with your kids

Get out the craft bin and make some homemade cards with your kids. If you are not wanting to make very many at least do it for the Grandparents. You could do hand prints if they are too young to really draw.

A great idea for a hand print to make it look like Santa... Paint the thumb and the base of the palm red, a small white line under the red on the hand, the rest of the hand peach or skin colored and then the fingers all white. turn the card udside down and put the hand print on the card with their thumb out and fingers straight and down. Now turn the card over, draw a smiley face on the skin colored part and you could put a small pompom on the end of the thumb for he hat. I hope I explained that well enough. I am including a picture, it is red on red so it is hard to see but you get the idea. My daughters K class made all their parents calendars out of handprints I will post more ideas from the calendar soon.

Stay tuned for more great holiday ideas and if it is snowing where you are get out and play!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Horseback riding

Horses and kids are great together!

OK so not all of you have a pony in your backyard like we do but there are other ways to go for a ride with your kids. Here are a few ideas. Find a local riding stable, find friends with horses, take them to a pony ride or even have the pony ride come to you for a party or other special occasion, you can also take lessons on your own horse or a schooling horse at a local stable.

Being an experienced horse person here are some great things to remember when putting your child on a large unpredictable animal.

Helmet, wear one and have your kids wear one.

Horse, make sure that the steed you or your kids are getting on is a safe, gentle, what we like to call bomb proof horse or pony. This is especially important if you are getting to ride a friends horse. They may seem great until a dog barks or a sprinkler turns on and then they take you for a ride that your were not signed up for. At pony rides and riding stables they have the appropriate horse for all ages and levels of riding.

Sun screen, sun glasses, gloves, boots (no open toed shoes are safe around big sharp hooves) are a few things to bring along. Dress for the weather and layer so if the sun comes out you can take off a sweater and cool off. Bring a water bottle too if it is going to be a long ride.

To get involved more there is Pony Club, 4H, and almost ever community has a horse group that can be joined by your whole family.