Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fun things to do with your kids at the bowling alley

So the kids want to go bowling. Great you are going to have a blast and here are some great tips to help your adventure go smoothly.

For the little ones try to keep it simple, 1 to 2 games at the most, they get bored and want to do other things. We usually play one game, eat a snack from the snack bar and then hit the arcade and play some games.

Remember to use the bumpers for the little ones, they are now programable when setting up each player in the computer so they are only up for the little one and go back down for the next player.

Remember to have patience and keep little hands away from the ball return.

So go have fun with your kids!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Go for a Drive

What are lazy Sunday afternoons for? Going for a drive of course. We love driving around the countryside looking at all the farms and going to open houses. The kids love it because we do something special when we go for a drive like stop and get ice cream, feed the ducks or visit a friend or family member. Sometimes they even fall asleep :o).

So next time the kids are complaining that they are bored throw some snacks in the car and go for a drive, hit the countryside, lake, park or ?? Have fun with it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Playing in the Snow!

That is what we did yesterday afternoon after homework and chores of course. Since we have snow here in the high desert of Oregon we dug out the snow bibs, boots, gloves etc... and went outside to throw a few snowballs and play in 2" of snow.

The kids got on the trampoline and had fun jumping and sliding around, keep in mind that we have the net around ours so no falls can happen. Then we had a snowball fight. Snowball fights are not allowed at school so I am ok with them as long as the snow is soft and it is all in fun, no face shots.

Since it was snowing we all came in looking like drowned rats and had some hot chocatate and ate dinner.

Just a little note. I give my girls hot chocalate just about every time that they come in from playing in the snow because it just seems like the right thing to do.

So if you have snow go have some fun with your kids outside and release your inner child. If you don't have snow yet or won't at all make some paper balls and have a paper ball fight. Enjoy and give them some great stuff to pass on to their own kids someday.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beauty Salon

So here we are the day after Halloween and my kids are a little jacked up on Mt Dew so to speak :o). So after a lazy morning of eating a nutritious breakfast followed by candy, an apple followed by candy, a sandwich followed by candy. I think they have me figured out, I told them it was time for the TV to go off so they could do something besides veg out on the couch.

We discussed our choices on this rainy Oregon day and decided on Hair and Makeup, apparently they didn't get enough of that yesterday. So out come the glitter, makeup kits from Birthdays past, brushes, barrettes, ponytail holders, clips, you get the idea. We used the cape from Molly's vampire costume as a hair dresser cape and they went to work on each other. Ponytails and glitter flying and now I have two beauty queens that are listening to music and dancing.

So for your next rainy day try setting up a little beauty salon and have some fun.

Just a word of warning... If you plan to go or take your kids anywhere on this day keep in mind that you are all going to look like well not so presentable to go out in public so make sure you have enough time to redo all of you before any public appearances. Seeing your hubbys high school girlfriend at Walmart when you just got a makeover by your 6 yr old will be a memorable experience if you know what I mean.