Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teaching them a skill

Don't be afraid to teach your kids something new even if you know it is going to get a little messy. What are your hobbies?? Do your kids get in on that or do you save it for yourself when they are not around? Which is understandable and great for your but everyone in a while you can share and have some fun showing your kids what mom or dad knows how to do.

I was out with my weanling colt yesterday and was showing my daughter how to get up to him slowly and gain his trust. He is a wild thing and she is into horses, has her own but is a little unsure about him and his wildness. So this morning he is tangled up in a branch with his 10 ft lead rope that is on him so we can catch him and she goes in with him and slowly goes over and untangles him. I was so proud and so was she. It really boosted her confidence and made us both proud and all because I took a few minutes to show her a skill.

I have taught my kids to crochet, sew, embroider, cook, train the dog. the list goes on. So the next time your kids say that they are board or want to do something with you introduce them to your hobby. Remember to keep it to yourself too because us parents need our own thing too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Memories, Look a pictures together

Get out the photo albums and go over some family history with them. Even if it their history, stuff they did when they were 2, or what you were thinking in that picture. You can also get out the pictures of you when you were little and talk about your personal history to them. Kids love to hear stories about when their parents were kids, at least mine do.

I just did this with my 11 yr old when her little sister went to bed and we had some time for just us. What a nice time to spend one on one and reminisce about her being a little kid.

You can also throw in some scrap booking and turn this time into a crafting event. I so far choose to keep mine in an organized box. Scrapbooker I am not :o).

I think this afternoon while my daughter rides her pony I will take some pictures of them together and maybe come up with an alternative to the school pictures that I have yet to purchase.

Have fun.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jump rope

Did you know that you can search for school supplies on the web and you will find that you as a parent can order school supplies? Yep I have done it and get this, those jump ropes that you see on the playground are only a few dollars each. So order some and teach your kids all those jump rope games and songs that you grew up with.

My kids are getting into Double Dutch, I am thinking about starting a team with them and their friends.

Get outside and have some fun, if you don't want to jump you can twirl the rope for them and remember you can always tie one end off on something if there are only 2 of you.

Keep checking my blog for more funideas and feel free to comment with ideas and feedback. :o)

Cooking with kids

I know sometimes it is just easier to put them in front of the tv when you are cooking but this is a perfect time to teach, fave fun and keep them busy.

I have my kids help all the time, cracking eggs, measuring, reading recipes, etc.. You both learn patience and you get teach them little secrets that only the two of you know. Like Mom's secret ingredient for whatever.

If this is your first time cooking with your kids take your time and pick an easy recipe, even just a grilled cheese sandwich or mac and cheese out of the box. Then work your way up to Eggplant Parmesan.

What a great way to share some quality time with your kids and teach them some life lessons that will bring them through life with great memories, recipes and secrets.